3 Benefits of Small Beginnings (For The Frustrated Dreamer)

What do you do when what you see does not reflect where you are? We all maintain expectations of fruit, yet we fail to realize that God answers with seeds. You may have visualized large crowds of people flocking to your product or your service. What you thought would be a big break turned out to be a hairline fracture.

Most of us become frustrated with this process, and weariness results from being overlooked and undervalued. The outlook of our lives fails to replicate the insight that we love. The aggravation of having small while dreaming big assassinates a lot of great ideas and potential ventures.
Honestly, I’ve found that small beginnings aren’t so bad. Here’s 3 reasons why:

1) Ability to Develop

Working with little recognition affords you the opportunity of perfecting your gift in obscurity so that you will be prepared for notoriety. As the old saying goes, “What’s done in the dark will come to the light.” What are you doing now, in the shadows, that is equipping your for the show? Work when nobody is watching so that when they are you can make it worth their while.

2) Necessity of Survival

More times than not innovation is a byproduct of desperation. A small beginning and limited resources force you to maximize your potential. There are reserves in the well of your ability that would go untapped had their use not been needed for your survival. The greatest works of art were created when the artist’s back was firmly pressed against a wall. Having nowhere else to retreat, the artist looks inward and finds a masterpiece. Even now, you are being equipped by the school of necessity.

3) It Is Still the Beginning

It will not always be like this. You will blossom. You will grow. You will develop. Don’t abort your vision. Individuals who are in the early stages of pregnancy show no external signs of the development that is taking place on the inside. Only with time will they see traits of growth. Eventually it will become nearly impossible to deny. Everyone will be able to notice something beautiful will soon be birthed. Where you are now is not the end. Allow your small beginning to age into your big blessing.

Take advantage of being unknown. Use this time to perfect your craft. Be creative with your limited resources. Remember, you are just getting started.


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