Are age gaps that important when it comes to dating?

Now that the smoke has died down in regards to Tyga and Kylie’s alleged relationship, I can’t help but ask is age difference really a big deal when it comes to dating? Now, before everyone turns their nose up, let me say that I do not condone the alleged relationship between the two nor do I think someone over the age of 21 dating someone under 18 is ok. And now that I’ve cleared that up, my question stands in regards to consensual adult relationships.

It’s not a rare sighting to see women dating men decades older than them. Is there a stigma surrounding women where it is okay for them to date older men but more frowned upon for men to date younger? Is there a gender bias when it comes to age and dating? Personally, when discussing dating older men with friends and family, many look at it as a “sugar daddy” relationship as opposed to a true relationship and it caused me to question why, seeing that in some ways women who are deemed “cougars” aren’t necessarily openly frowned upon.

Surveying a few older men who are interested in dating younger women, I was given by all, a direct approach and idea of what it is they want and their expectations in the relationship. Many single older men can see the relationship as a fling because in most cases, the man may not want more children, may not be interested in getting remarried and dating a younger woman allows them to enjoy the scene of dating while possibly feeling younger when being with a more socially active woman.

Some men also explained that they believe ultimately that many younger women have lower expectations because they don’t have it all together and may think that relationships can’t mature due to age gaps. However, the opinion of each man is different and ultimately the only way to explore expectations is through clear communication.

In your late twenties, many people around are engaged, in serious relationships or already married. In this time of your life you are seen as dating with substance for future, but there is no black and white when it comes to relationships. Everyone doesn’t want kids, and not everyone wants to be married, but where do age gaps come in to play? If you aren’t interested in dating younger or older counterparts then to each it’s own, but the age gap conversation seems like one that has been played long enough.

What are your thoughts on age and dating?


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