I was sitting in church and the sermon was about the focus of the future church. I began to look around and look at the amount of men in the church versus the woman. I then began to think about the future church and if the number of men in church would dramatically decrease. My thoughts then went deeper to think about the future of this world and the number of men living in it and how that is decreasing. When war arises and we must go to battle where will the men be to protect the women and the children? This world we live in now we see guys walking around daily but when I say men I mean a male who is committed, relentless, religious, and creates situations but carries the responsibilities. Those are the men I refer to. Without character you won’t be able to withstand the battle and this is why many women wear the armor because they aren’t given other options. What will happen when the males who are bringing new lives into this world and now the children have to be taught lessons that the father’s have yet to learn themselves. So what happens is the male creates the same situation with a new life.

“Men think many times that woman don’t know how to be submissive, or listen but in order to lead you must first learn to follow.”

In order for someone to listen you must be speaking something of substance. A great leader is one who has experienced ups and down but through faith and determination, turned his mess into a message. The decreasing amount of men in church reflects the decreasing amount of men in this world. I encourage all of my males to start creating better situations for yourself so that when you or your children grow older you don’t have to spend so much time righting your wrong because you are making conscious, responsible decisions along the way of your journey. Don’t let war take place on the battlegrounds and you are not present.


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