Creating Your Own Happily Ever After….

Have you all ever sat and thought about what makes Cinderella’s fairytale so special? Was it her glass slipper? Or the fact that her true love happened to rescue her from misfortune. What was so special about snow white’s fairytale? Was it that a kiss from her true love was the only thing that would awake her slumber? Why do we try so hard to live everyone else’s fairytale? We look at the cute pictures on Instagram, cute tweets between couples, and even sometimes the passion they express in public. We look at them and we say “I want that.” We want passion, comfort, kindness, simplicity, charism, and drive. We want all these things and we see them in everyone’s fairytale but our own, but why? Are our stories not good enough? Or just to common? Do we only accept the stories we hear about, and hope that one day we may live that same fairytale?

“We want all these things, and we see them in everyone’s fairytale but our own”.

I know that I will never go to a ball and leave my glass slipper. Honestly, who has seen someone at a party in a glass slipper recently? Red bottoms maybe, but truly made of glass? No. And I can honestly say, I will never sleep for years and my boyfriend’s kiss will magically wake me up. It may… but I doubt it. Why are we so use to trying to assimilate, and make everyone else’s dreams our own. I was once told that trying to live someone else’s fairytale is like robbing yourself of your own fate. We can not go through life wishing we were something we will never be. Whether your fairytale begins in Rome, or even in a school parking lot; each place is unique in its own. I have learned that trying to live Cinderella’s fairytale is boring and dissapointing, because you already know the ending. So, let’s stop. Let us start making our own fairytale’s instead of trying to live everyone else’s. Be unique, be exciting, know that love is not where you meet the person or even how, but its the mere strength of your love and the obstacles you overcome that makes your fairlytale real.


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