Five Relationship Myths Men Should Stop Believing

Everyone is susceptible to believing the occasional lie or two. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. However, believing in the wrong thing can sometimes cause you to prematurely end a good relationship or even prevent one from taking place. Below you’ll find five myths men should ignore when it comes to Mrs. Right.

All women change after marriage

Gentlemen, this simply isn’t true. Whether you believe women get worse after marriage or are supposed to get better, rest assured that what you see may be what you get. While some women — and men — do go through changes after saying the big “I do,” this isn’t to say all changes are drastic. As a general rule, people don’t usually change their personality and habits after marriage.

Sometimes the “big change” you see is nothing more than the actual person after the rose-colored glasses come off.

Women of different races will treat you a certain way

I’m sure you’ve heard that Hispanic women are passionate and feisty or that Black women have attitudes and won’t put up with the slightest infraction. Or perhaps you’ve heard that Caucasian and Asian women treat their men better and are more submissive. Well, there’s no denying that some groups may have different beliefs about dating and marriage based on their culture. But the previously mentioned examples are nothing more than stereotypes. Anyone can be passionate, submissive, have an attitude, or whatever. Try not to put women in such small boxes with narrow categories. You could find yourself greatly misjudging someone.

A happy wife makes a happy life

Now, this myth may sound good in theory, but logically it isn’t. What good is doing everything to please your spouse and keep the peace when you’re miserable? This is especially true if you happen to be with a woman who takes advantage of your kindness. It’s awesome that you want to take care of your lady, and you should! Just make sure she returns the favor.

All women are just alike

This myth gets tossed around a lot. The fact is that women want and like different things, have different belief systems, and come from various backgrounds. Some women grow up wanting to be wives and mothers while some couldn’t think of nothing more than pursuing a career. Women can be shy, blunt, prissy, emotional, adventurous, introspective, etc. It isn’t fair to say women are all the same; that denotes we should all be treated the same regardless of our individuality.

We all know that what works for one may not work for another.

You can’t turn a loose woman into a housewife

Taken at face value, this myth is true. You can’t change anyone but yourself. However, everyone has a past. If a woman had a lot of sexual partners before she decided to settle down with you, that doesn’t mean she can’t be faithful. The past does not have to dictate what will happen in the future.

These are just a few of common myths that men can fall victim to. If you want to have a successful dating life or marriage, it’s important to consider the individual and ignore the myths.


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