GENTLEMEN: “The Erotic Truth” Valentines Day Edition

Hello gentlemen, I’m sure you already know Valentine’s Day is today. Well, let’s just hope you did not forget; that would be a big mistake. But for those of you that did remember, have you decided on what you’re going to do for that special someone in your life? Did you decide to do something a little different, than what you did last year? I’m hoping the answer is “YES.”

Because gentlemen you become very comfortable with doing the same old boring things every year. I mean think about it; you give your significant other, that same old ginormous valentine’s card, box of chocolates and possibly some flowers. Lord knows do not let the flowers be carnations. Let me fill you in on something; we call carnations funeral flowers, and if you are feeling good, you might take us out to dinner.

Nevertheless, these are sweet gestures and gifts, but do not assume your lady loves the same thing every year. Trust, she is not going to tell you. Why? Well, she would hate to crush your feelings. I suggest you ask her prior to Valentine’s Day, what is her idea of a sexy romantic evening. You can use some of her ideas, but be creative and add your “SWAG” to it.

Shout out to those men that are creative, kinky and full of erotic surprises. Yes, those men that know how to keep their lady blushing and guessing what could possibly be next. But for those men that need a little help with being creative, I have a few ideas up my sleeve that will benefit you both for Valentines Day. Truth is most women love a good tease. You and your lady won’t be disappointed. Trust me gentlemen, women love it when you make them feel sexy; a good tease can turn you and her on. Take notes…

Five “Sensual and Erotic” ideas you can do today or next Valentine’s Day, to spice up your life.

1. Plan and prepare a romantic dinner for just the two of you, by candle light. Do something different during dinner, like feeding her. Feeding your lover increases their libido; that sounds yummy. Right? In the meantime, play nice soft jazz to set the mood. Later after dinner, grab her by the hand and dance the evening away.

2. Purchase some lingerie. That night, tease her a little by blind folding her. Then, lead her to the lingerie. Take off the blind fold and ask her to model in the lingerie and then slowly take it off. Show and tell her you admire her in it.

3. Run her bath water and fill the bath tub up with rose petals. Light candles around the tub to set the mood; this is romantic. Uh huh!… The fun part about this idea, you can get in the tub too.

4. Write her poem or letter expressing your love for her. She will love it because of the effort you put into writing it. You know women love sentimental expression, that mushy stuff.

5. You can not go wrong with booking a full service spa day for her or a couples massage.

Well fellas! I’m sure there are some men out there with some good ideas. Of course, Rebel Lifestyle would love to hear your idea of a romantic evening. Share with us the most romantic Valentine’s evening you ever planned. Until next time, this is “The Erotic Truth.”


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