Love, Life, and Motherhood with Amina Buddafly


Whether you recognize her voice, her story line on Love & Hip Hop: New York, or her unique name, Amina Buddafly is an artist who is certainly leaving her mark on pop culture and the music industry. Born and raised in Germany, Amina came to the US at the age of 19 to pursue music with her sisters in their group Black Buddafly. Currently, she’s living in LA with her two young daughters, still working on her music as a solo artist.

A self-described singer/songwriter, Amina says her style of music leans more toward an “organic” mixture of pop and R&B.

“It’s not like the dance Europe kind of pop, but it’s more like the singer/songwriter pop. But definitely with the R&B soul twist to it.”

As for her love of music, Amina points to her family as the source of her passion. She says, “Both my parents are very much into music, always have been. Actually, my dad is a musician. Not professional, but he plays a bunch of instruments, and we always had music at home when we were babies. It was always a big, big part of our lives, me and my sisters’ lives. I never decided I wanted to be a singer. I always was one. That’s how I feel.”

Amina recently released an EP of five songs titled Music in My Room, which was a collection of songs she had written throughout the years. “I’m really proud of it,” Amina stated. “Some of the songs are seven years old, they were just never released. I decided to finally put them out because they tell stories, and I tell my story in my new book, The Other Woman, which also came out last month. It’s basically the soundtrack to the book.”

Becoming an author was not something Amina planned to be, despite her gift of writing. It was through a tough time with music that she turned to writing down her thoughts, and she watched it transform into something else.


“I was never like, ‘Oh, I want to put out a book.’ It was more like, I was writing anyway, and I have always been writing music. There was a time when I was really going through a lot, and I was almost too depressed to make music, so I turned to just write down my feelings, my thoughts, and it became a story. I connected with my publishing company, 13th & Joan. They sold me on sharing it. I should share it, and I’m really glad now that I did because being on a reality TV show it’s like you get judged. I felt misunderstood by the world. I felt like people were judging me based on someone they think I am and not the real me. So, I just want you to read my book and then you can judge me.”

When asked what readers can expect from her book, she offered a candid response. “Just to get to know me and who I really am and to find out some things that were not shown on TV. Besides telling the story that was in public, I am also telling my story before I started TV. I even go all the way back to my upbringing and everything. So I just want people to understand what made me do the things that looked crazy on the show.”

For those who are familiar with Amina’s storylines on Love & Hip Hop: New York, the title of her novel (The Other Woman) may seem to be an obvious connection to her stint on reality television. However, Amina assured us that this was not necessarily the case.

“The basis of the book, the real story, is my whole love triangle and crazy situation that I was in, and not only that relationship, but also relationships from the past with other men. I just always had to deal with other women. It’s not one woman I’m talking about here. I am talking about myself at times, and at other times I’m talking about a woman I had to deal with my ex-boyfriend. Then I’m talking about the woman I had to deal with in this situation, and it’s a bunch of different situations that just the title kind of fit. You can also look at it in a way, how the book starts and ends with two different women. So I went from being this woman who is so different from the woman I am now. The other woman.”

As for Love & Hip Hop, Amina has no regrets. “It’s too late to regret. I don’t like regrets, so when I think about the bad like sometimes I want to regret, but then I try to focus on the good that it has brought to my life. A lot of good things came with being on a show like that. It was a huge platform for my music. My fan base grew in a massive way, and it’s just what I try to focus on. Remembering who I really am and not focusing on the bad comments or the judgments that people have.”

In addition to being on television, working on her music, and writing books, Amina Buddafly is also a full-time mom to two beautiful girls. When asked how she manages her career and motherhood, Amina was open and honest as she gushed over her two loves: her daughters.

“It’s so crazy. I love everything about it, even though it makes your life much harder and more complicated at times. It’s all worth it. They’re the ones who keep me motivated to do everything that I do. I had lost my drive over the years. I’ve done this for so long with the whole music thing. But they make me not ever want to stop. Yeah, I love it. It’s just a matter of how you balance it. Sometimes I have problems getting to ‘me’ because I always put them first. You know, when they’re taken care of, maybe then I can do something for myself at the end of the day for an hour or so. I don’t really get to it, but it’s okay. I’m okay with the fact that I have to put my needs aside until I have time for that. But I love everything about being a mom.”


To other mothers who may be juggling children and a career, Amina offered some simple advice: Don’t force it.

“Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t really do what you said you would do. Sometimes I say okay I’m going to take care of this and I don’t really get to it. You get frustrated. But you have to be like, it is what it is. You’ll get to it later. Just take your time with things. That’s how I do it. Everything is slower now, but it’s okay as long as you don’t stop. You’re still moving forward, and you can still get things done even if it’s at a slower pace. That’s how I live my life now.”

Amina certainly does not dance to the beat of other people’s drums; she’s a Rebel. When we asked her to describe herself as a Rebel, she said, “I’ve been told many times being an artist dealing with big executives and labels that I don’t listen. I just don’t listen. I hate to admit it, but I just do what I want to do. I used to try to compromise and stuff, but I realized that that doesn’t make me happy, and this life is about making yourself happy. So I started doing whatever I wanted. I guess that’s kind of like the rebel in me.”

Amina Buddafly plans to continue releasing new music as an independent artist and promoting The Other Woman. Now that she lives in LA, she says she is open to the possibility of getting into acting and writing for other artists.


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