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Motherhood talk with Mimi Faust and her daughter Eva

In honor of Mother’s Day, we here at Rebel Lifestyle Magazine had the honor of interviewing TV personality and devoted mother, Mimi Faust. Mimi is a small business owner, interior decorator and the mother to Eva, the daughter of three-time Grammy-Award-winning songwriter, musician, and producer Stevie J. Mimi and Eva talked to us about all things motherhood and what makes their relationship so special.

“Motherhood has made me a better person, because I always have to put someone before me, and it has made me more mature,” Mimi tells us. “It’s not just me anymore. It’s her and I, and she comes first.” She went on to tell us that she is not perfect, just as anyone else. Throughout her seven years of being a mother, she has learned many lessons, including how to overcome during rough times. When asked what she says to her daughter during these times, she stated that she is honest but age appropriate. She speaks to Eva “when it’s the right time” and lets her know that “sometimes Mommy makes mistakes, but you can always turn them around and fix them.”

As a TV Personality, Mimi has to juggle the art of being a mother in the world of entertainment, but she makes it work. “I just do it. You figure it out, and you make it work”, she says. She admitted, “it is difficult, but it’s a lot easier than when it started.” In order to keep Eva shielded from the negativity that can come with the entertainment lifestyle, Mimi makes sure to keep her daughter “a child” at all times. They do not watch negative influences on television, she doesn’t expose Eva to negative things and will not have negative conversations in her presence. She reminds Eva to do unto others as she would have them do unto her. “It is cliché, but it makes a difference. She is seven years old, and I want to keep her a child as long as possible,” Faust tell us.

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Mimi and Eva have an exceptional relationship that shined through in our interview. Eva, affectionately nicknamed Nugget due to being born premature —  told us she loves to watch movies with her mom and that she admires her mom’s beauty and fashion. Eva told us that her mommy is the best mommy in the world. “Of course! Why wouldn’t she be one? She takes me everywhere, and she is really funny!” Mimi, with a look of adoration on her face, told us, “it’s funny because Eva tells me a lot that I am the best mommy in the world. Randomly, she’ll say ‘Mommy, you’re the best mommy in the world,’ and I will say ‘you’re the best nugget ever!’ I hear it all the time, and it is awesome. She is good for my self-esteem.”

We were able to capture a beautiful moment, as Mimi encouraged Eva that people should treat her nicely and fairly. She told us that she wants Eva to know that she should be independent and have her own, so she doesn’t find herself relying on others. Mimi reminded her daughter that her love for her is unconditional. “No matter what, I am always going to love you, and you’re always going to be my baby.”

To future moms, Mimi offered sound advice. “Everyone is different. My best advice is to do right by your kids. There are bumps along the way, but it’s ok. It will be a better relationship in the long run. None of us are perfect. As long as you learn from your mistakes, you will be fine. You can always do better and learn from them.”

To her mom, Mimi says “Thank you.” “My mom was a very determined, strong person. We didn’t have the best relationship, but thank you for the experiences you were able to give me that made me stronger.”

Eva wants the world to know that her mommy is smart, talented, funny, weird and, “she makes a concoction for my skin and scrubs for me.” Mimi is an all-around fun and loving mommy, who makes natural products for her daughter, cooks, cleans, and does interior design. “I have weaknesses, just like everybody. I have insecurities. It gets difficult as a single mom. I go through it like everyone else, but you just keep going. My daughter is my drive and motivation,” Mimi reveals to us. She admits that Eva motivated her to persevere and has helped her develop the entrepreneur inside of her today.
Today we celebrate Mimi and Eva on this Mother’s Day. Visit www.MimiFaust.com to view her brand new website and blog “All Things Mimi” where you can follow and view behind the scene looks into Mimi Interiors (Mimi’s new Interior Decor venture), of course motherhood, Mimi’s inner circle, her entertainment lifestyle and more. You can also follow @MimiFaust on Social Media!


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