Multiplying Pennies: The Power of Incremental Advancement

Great things take time to develop. I know it is easy to become overwhelmed by the magnitude of your vision. The grandeur of what you have in mind can sometimes stifle your ability to push forward. However, remember this. Incremental advancements towards accomplishment pays off.

Have you heard of the concept of multiplying pennies? If not, allow me to share it with you. If you take one penny and double it for 30 days something phenomenal takes place. Multiplying the penny for 11 days will bring you $10.24! You may be thinking, “Briggs has lost it. I know that he is not getting excited over $10.24.” You are right. I am getting excited because I know the numbers. I know that if you are persistent then in one week’s time, you will go from $10.24 to $1,310.72. It is easy to see that number and want to stop. You can feel as if you’ve received enough from your $.01 investment. Don’t stop. If you complete 30 days of doubling pennies it nets you $5,368,709.12.

I say that to say this. Your small investments will pay off. Investing in supplies, education, and small events don’t seem like much now. When we start you may not have as many supporters as you would like. You may question why you are even still giving an effort and striving for your dreams. Although you may feel stagnant and stuck, you have to keep pushing forward. The pennies of now will bring the millions of later.


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