New Year, New Relationship: When is it Time to Have Sex

It’s a new year and you’ve resolved to approach your relationship with #newrules so that it lasts longer and you get a better outcome. You’ve read your Steve Harvey book and things are getting juicy with your new beau when the topic of sex arises. Things have been romantically progressing with you two and you’re feeling it and he’s feeling it, so when is the right time to have sex? You’re an adult but by society’s rule (and that pesky policing of women’s sexuality book by Steve Harvey) you feel like the first 90 days sex should be off limits.

Sure, but what do you gain from 90 days of no sex? Built up tensions, petty arguments, and the possibility of swiftly losing what could possibly be a good relationship. What are you holding out for exactly? Okay, you don’t want to be the one who has sex on the first night, but why wait longer than a month? Is there some sort of policing of your body count that you are trying to avoid? Personally, I’m a 60-day kind of gal. It takes a lot to arouse me sexually so a little conversation and a few movie and dinner dates won’t suffice. I have to be able to indulge in your mind and find out more about you to fuel my attraction.

It’s a new year and we should leave behind sex date standards. Guys should stop feeling entitled to have sex with you just because they bought you a few drinks at the bar, but if you feel inclined to have sex then you should! Sexual liberation is here and gone are the days where we feel pressured to uphold standards of time when it comes to exercising our sexuality. Don’t feel bad if you feel inclined to have sex after the first date, or the fifth. Explore and indulge your sexual instincts.


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