Spring Is Coming: Is it time to let him go?

Relationships whether intimate, or friendship, come in cycles. Friends and lovers all come into your life in order to either elevate and enhance your life, or uncover truths and parts of you that you didn’t know existed.

For relationships, the winter months or “cuffing season”, is swiftly coming to a close. For all of those who entered new relationships or rekindled old flames as a means to stay entertained and lusted after in the winter months, are now possibly faced with the inner desire to break free. But how do you decide if your winter fling deserves to blossom throughout the spring and summer?

Many people enter relationships throughout the winter months for the wrong reasons; comfort, security, sexual flings and just having someone to call your bae on those cold winter nights. But once the weather starts to break and the sun shines more often, you’re stuck in that awkward predicament of does this move forward or should I let it go?

As a recovering, bad relationship picker, I too struggle with knowing when and when not to enter a relationship and when to let one go. I’ve recently begun reading more self-love books and I’ve found a few topics and clues to help with that question.

If you’re even at the point where you’re asking should you stay, the answer is probably no. If you aren’t being stimulated mentally, physically, or emotionally, then chances are you’re bored and the relationship isn’t going to work any way.

When your communication is lacking and you also lack shared interest in things and each other, and the only connection you have is sex, it may be time to demote the relationship to something like casual sex; if that’s what you’re into.

If you aren’t being satisfied, whether it is physically or emotionally, then complaining about it won’t help. If you seem to always be discontent about the way things are going with your relationship, it may not be him or you, you both just may not be built for each other, and that’s okay.

Will you see yourself or him cheating once the weather breaks and the clothes start coming off? I personally know the minute I start thinking about other people, relationships, or possibilities that my interest has been broken and that it’s time for me to go before I start cheating, and you should leave that option to leave open for you and your man.

Consider your time and energy you have to invest in order to keep the relationship alive. If you’re both trying to actively keep it together, then stick it out, it may be able to work. But you have to be vigilant in remembering that time is the greatest luxury in life and time wasted doesn’t always equal experience gained.


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