To Call, Or Not To Call- That Is The Question

You decided to go probing through your man’s phone and there you find it: text messages between him and another woman. And clearly they have a secret affair going on. What do you do? Put on your boxing gloves and go Floyd Mayweather on his ass or do you call up the side chick and give her a piece of your mind? In most cases, even if we do confront our significant other, our anger and inquiring minds still make us want to call the other woman.

I’ve been in a situation like this before and back then my decision was to call that home wrecker up. But where did that get me? Calling the other woman only made me feel more like a fool. To her it was a joke and she laughed about it, not feeling guilty or ashamed at all. Clearly she must be the child of a side chick. But why would she not feel any compassion for me, I’d thought? We were both women. We’re supposed to stick together. Listen here! These women sleeping with your man most times already know about you. Therefore, they don’t care about you. So why should they show you any sympathy when you dial their phone trying to dig for answers? These females owe you nothing.

What I learned from my experience is that you don’t call the woman your boyfriend or husband has been sleeping with. It won’t solve anything but more heartbreak and disappointment. The battle should be kept between you and your man.

What do you think? Have you also been in a similar situation and called the other woman? If so, how did it go? And what do you do if the other woman is someone you know?


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