Ultimate “Don’t” for Valentine’s Day

January is long gone, and so are most of our half-attempted New Year’s resolutions. February is already underway. You know what that means. The air is suddenly filled with the promise of love – and lust. That’s right. Whether you celebrate it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Social media timelines are full of romantic pre-VDay gestures as well as a considerable amount of anti-romance memes to satisfy those who think the day is nothing more than a farce. The closer we get to the day, the more emotionally mushy people are likely to become. Along with the onslaught of lovey-dovey behavior, you’ll also become bombarded with a slew of tips to make your day of love a success.

Though we Rebels think VDay tips are amazing and helpful,  we also want to remind people of the one thing you should never do on Valentine’s Day.

Golden Rule: Never beat yourself up for being single on that day.

To say it is easy watching people celebrate their love is a lie. It isn’t easy. We know this. But we also know that it is okay to be single. It’s okay to have a life free of the encumbered pressure to have someone for the sake of saying you’re not alone. Never feel bad for taking the time to work on yourself, date casually without commitment, or merely wait for the right person. Those are all perfectly acceptable states of being.

No matter your marital status, enjoy yourself as best and as often as you can. Whether you spoil yourself with Valentine’s Day treats or plan a wild night out with your other single friends, it doesn’t matter. Have fun. Enjoy your time as an individual, because when you become part of a couple, you may wish you had more “me” time.

So what you don’t have a date for February 14th. Don’t sell yourself short. You just might meet your soul mate on the 15th.


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